Sometimes, incompatibilities with drivers or the audio software in Windows affect audio playback or recording.

In this section, we rule out or confirm audio format issues as the source of your issue.

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Device Manager is a utility that collects and displays information about the driver profile for all the hardware devices present on your system.

Here, we rule out a driver issue by checking whether any audio devices have problems already identified by the system.

You might have accidentally muted the VLC Media Player audio and now facing the issue. If you are using a Headphone, then select Independent RTC Headphones.

Note: If you have different options from the one mentioned above, then try them instead and see if that resolved the issue.

Music, video, and system sounds play just fine; however, they sound garbled, clipped, tinny, or just generally bad. Please try the following: In this scenario you can play audio through one or more endpoints (speakers/headphones/Bluetooth device, etc.), but you can’t get audio to play through another endpoint you believe should work.

For example, you are able to play music over your built-in laptop speakers, but when you plugs in your wired headphones, audio continues to play over the speakers (or no audio plays at all).

Even if you can’t hear any audio, the audio subsystem may still be trying to play sounds successfully.

One way to test this is by checking whether or not the system *thinks* it is playing audio.

Doing so, you will reset the app’s preference settings and restoring it back to the default settings. If you don’t find any audio devices, right-click on an empty area and select Show Disabled devices. Now restart your PC and you may have your PC playing Audio again. There is one more option in the VLC Media Player that can cause the Audio is not playing problem.

You may also face problems with Audio in VLC Media Player or any other Media Players in your PC if the sound devices are disabled in Sound Settings. Changing Audio output module are some advanced audio settings that you may not have to use ever. You can try enabling or disabling the S/PDIF option in VLC Media Player to resolve the Audio issue. If already checked, uncheck Use S/PDIF when Available.

Restart your PC: Now this is the most common suggestion anyone would provide.