The webloid’s sole reason for believing this is simply because both Cuoco and Spade were at an Ed Sheeran benefit concert last week, and Galecki was not.

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Take note, young dudes of the world: being funny will get you far.

Famous women who have dated David Spade, listed alphabetically with photos when available. This list features David Spade's ex-girlfriends along with additional information about them, such as when they were born and what their profession is.

Here’s the real deal: Cuoco and Spade have remained friendly since working together on “8 Simple Rules,” but in no way is their relationship a romantic one.

The 49-year-old actor and comedian posted an Easter picture which showed him clad in bunny ears while cuddling the beautiful little girl, as his own mother, Judith, sat next to the pair beaming proudly.

Check out the beauties to have fallen under the blade of this Unlikely Swordsman as well as he shock factor of each conquest..., Spade snatched Miss USA and aspiring actress Kelli Mc Carty (height: 5'6"). OK, if David fuckin' Spade is a member of the Illuminati, then we just give up. Certainly not "large-breasted woman getting slayed by David Spade." But that's what she did (allegedly) and now that's what you'll think.

Shit, we're like a buncha fuckin' Don Drapers around here.But on "The Late Late Show," Spade offers up more details about the fateful encounter and how he found Boyle and Nicholson were dating. He's gross, I would never.'" "Then immediately she started dating him," says Spade with a laugh."We were dating and we went to this party and we were smoking a spliff, and [Nicholson] said, 'Do you wanna smoke a doob? "Then I found out because the National Enquirer called me and told me. '" Spade also cracks that if he and Boyle had been more serious, he probably would've knocked Nicholson out.So it's a bit surprising to see him essentially confirm that he and Mc Kinney are an item.But not nearly as surprising as the fact that the hottest model of the moment has been locked down by David freakin' Spade.The fact that the two chose one of the best-known paparazzi hotspots on a Saturday night seems to be their way of going public with their relationship.