Any two bit direct marketer knows that if you want to move a potential customer towards a sale you need to present them with some sort of easy, “low risk perceived” behavior to act upon.

It could be anything from a “click here” to a “try this” to a “call now” but it has to be simple, and is best if it’s fun.

What this means is that using Dating Direct is now exactly the same as using (with some added pink branding).

If you’re already a member at you can even log in to Dating Direct with your Match username and use the site exactly as if you were on – all your emails, winks and favourites will be there. So that’s why we’ve changed our old Dating Direct review to this page – there’s no point giving it a completely new review when it’s the exact same site as with a different logo.

In this entry we’ll talk about the parallels between online dating and a marketing technique known as direct marketing.

Now direct marketing has a negative connotation to many people…

it brings to mind images of telemarketing, junk mail and spam. People have problems with telemarketing and junk mail because they target individuals who’ve expressed little or no interest in buying their product.

The main difference between online dating and these other mediums is that here people WANT you to message them.

This is where we’d usually bring you our comprehensive Dating Direct review but we’re not going to this time…

Basically Dating Direct is now under the ownership of as part of the Meetic network.

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