Yes, Nigerian scam artists, like the ones who send you emails purporting to be from an African prince who will pay you to help him move million into your country, and all you have to do is give him your bank account number.

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Our members will defraud other users of over $100,000,000 this year. After taking our gullibility test we match you with rapacious Nigerian scammers leading to short term, parasitic, abusive relationships. We will tell you how much money you need to send us and provide you with a customized swindle to enrich us at your expense.

Enjoy disasterous engagements with unscrupulous users who will callously exploit your greed and idiocy! We will also give you 33 reasons why we can’t immediately send you the money we’ve promised you and require further advance fees to unlock the fabulous fortune which will lie always tantalizingly just out of your reach. Our members have been featured in such notable magazines as "Crime Times" and "Western Criminology Review."They have made appearances on the TV shows COPS, America's Most Wanted, and the ABC News Documentary “Nigeria 419”.

Its high rate of subscribers engaging in romantic relationships and meeting live partners makes it a one-stop dating site.

Naijaplanet is Naija's dating site of choice due to her perfect combination of adventure & fun while giving you the romantic experience.

Of course, the vast majority of you have heard about us because your friends or relatives have had their lives utterly ruined as a result of joining our site. You've got literally Disclaimer: Nigerian Scam is for people looking to dispose of their personal wealth via wire fraud only.

We advise signing up for Nigerian Scam only if your wealth is making you feel uncomfortable and you’re looking for an efficient way of divesting yourself of it in its entirety.

They called these cons "Yahoo" jobs, pronounced Ya-OO.

"We go on the internet…We start making friend with you," Danjuma says, explaining that they trawl Facebook and dating websites incessantly, looking for lonely women with money to spare.

He said there was no way that his dudes would talk for less than 0. So I offered 0 for a rare glimpse at the human faces behind the syntax-challenged spam. I sat down with Sheye and Danjuma* on the back patio of a fancy duplex in an upscale neighborhood in one of the country's main cities, and the two dished on their craft, constantly interrupting each other as they downed bottles of Nigerian Star lager and chain-smoked.