In the future I would find that she loved to be fisted and would always cum when we did that.

Julie was exhausted but I made her take my very hard cock in her mouth and get it all wet.

It was so small it really was like playing with a vagina. I had the same emotions and arousal that I would have with any women so needless to say my first time with a new girl I was very turned on.

Taking her cock in my mouth, my first ever but who cares she was so beautiful I wanted to give her an orgasm like any other girl and impress her with my skills so into my mouth it went.

She had told me she was born with a penis but since she was a young child always new she was a girl.

This is true with many t-girls I have ever seen, strike that, she was one of the best looking women I had ever seen and just like any hot girl, when a guy meets some one this hot the first thing that goes to both our heads, the big one and the small one is sex.

My Asian beauty was named Lisa and she worked with me for weeks until I could take her entire 8" cock up my ass and have her pound me.

I must say that I was very proud of myself being able to get to the point of letting her have sex with me when ever she wanted it. Giving oral to t-girls with cocks that big takes some training too.

She was a solid 8" and was completely functional and though I had never been the receiver of anal sex she loved getting and giving.

I always enjoy satisfying the I date and whatever they are into I am into.

That natural for our breed, Male that is and it was no different with Julie.