Cheffette04: lol, I used to think my husband was good, as I had no one else to compare it too, but when he left I got a vibrator, then I realised I was certainly fooled by him, men just have no skill in the bedroom.

Rose Petal01: Tell me about it, maybe we should date, it might at least be fun. Rose Petal01: A little, until now it was an idea, but if u ever think u might be interested 2 meet, then who knows.

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Rose Petal01: I could feel ur words, maybe u were looking 4 some1 who understood u. Rose Petal01: I would like to think so, maybe we could talk in private? Rose Petal01: This should be much better, so do u want to tell me about u.

Cheffette04: Well as you can tell I am a chef, and female, anything else I will only give later if I feel comfortable. Cheffette04: Don't be, you only asked a question, I was being honest not hurt. Rose Petal01: I am female also, young, single and female.

It was general, which means they could be either male or female. Cheffette04: Hi Rose Petal01 Rose Petal01: Ive been reading ur comments, u seem sad and lonely.

It must have been about a week before I was chatting to someone who could be a perfect candidate, Rose Petal01. Cheffette04: Is it really that obvious, I was trying to be discrete.

So there it was our first chat and certainly not our last, we chatted for the next several works, always between 10 till late.

We seemed to like each so much, we discussed things in the news and little snippets of information about each other, likes and dislikes.

Rose Petal01: I really want to know u chefie, so tell me whatever you want, how ever long it takes.

Cheffette04: Thank you petal, it is nice to finally be able to talk about my problems.

She simply was tired of sharing mine, especially if she wanted some private time. Just sometimes a meet someone on a chat site and things get a little hot.