I've been living in China for 3 years, I recently moved to Shenzhen from Guangzhou. I am educated and love to Я не ем мясо, Люблю гулять на природе.

I am not just looking for someone i am looking for the right someone.

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"Hong Kong is too small to find a perfect husband," Lee said.

She preferred single men from leading cities in Guangdong, in their late 20s to late 30s, who are "thoughtful and responsible".

"They often come in a group of three or four and go straight back to Hong Kong after the event," she said.

Many had been following or at least knew about the matchmaking shows that were hugely popular on the mainland, such as If You Are the One and Run For Love, which have attracted hundreds of millions of viewers.

The city's women are also turning to mainland dating and matchmaking websites in greater numbers, according to Kam Lau, the founder of the Shenzhen-based King Phoenix, a dating agency that counts half a million members on both sides of the border.

"There are about 30,000 Hong Kong singles registered on my website.

That and my clothes and various knickknacks and toys, and it’s not as easy for to move to, say, Shanghai or Seoul or Bangkok as it is for that other kind of expat. I went there on a research trip and looked around and found a stable thing going, and I committed. This was Panyu District, which is a suburban district.

I made the decision to move to Guangzhou — also known as Canton — that third major city of China (a distant third, but third nonetheless). Next there was the hassle of putting all my things in boxes, had a going-away bar-hopping party night with friends at the local lesbian bar, and 500 yuan later I moved. I lived in an epically luxurious garden, in a giant two-bedroom apartment for me to enjoy all by myself. At first, it didn’t seem that far from downtown Tianhe by subway.

Aged 28, the office worker was going to the Guanyin Mountain Forest Park in Dongguan, where she would mingle with thousands of single men at a matchmaking event the city was hosting as part of the mainland's annual "singles' day".

Lee was joined by more than 100 other Hongkongers who are using such events, along with dating sites, to find a mainland husband, after deciding the pool at home was too limited.

My height is 50KG, hair style is long and black, and body size is slim. From a relationship I seek to share, I think is I am a computer geek, who spend lot of time at the front of a computer.