The Movie's writer, Randall Unger, recently caught up with charming and personable director, Greg Carter. Carter wrote and directed 2014's ' Lap Dance,' a film about based on his own life that involves his TMN's Randall Unger: I understand that ' Lap Dance' was inspired by actual events in your life. Go back behind stage or the dressing room and just wait.” Because we were deathly afraid that someone would come in and recognize us, because you know, in Houston it’s a very small pool of actors and actresses. I was sitting in the club because of the fact that my job when we went to the clubs was to really make sure that anyone we knew that would come in, I would spot them first and then I would tell Junie Hoang, my girlfriend, my fiancée, the real Monica, I would say, “Hey, you’ve gotta go in the back because so-and-so just came through the door.

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Every actress, young actress coming up takes a stab at it at some point or another because I think that there is a sort of fascination with that life.

But I think what happens when a lot of material that is out there is that it has several different perspectives that are not necessarily the perspective of the women, and I’m, even when I’m writing a script, even with subject matter that I know really well like this because me and Junie lived it, I always still take it, that I’m going to do research.

And then on the far-est end of the continuum, if you think about it, is Lynn Whitfield playing Momma Pearl, and she was the one that went through the most.

So all these women at different points in their career were, and some of them still are, playing the sexual kitten, and now as they grow older, how does that affect women and their ego, their psyche. And then we had such great supporting roles, Lew Temple in there, Obba Babatunde, they just did brilliant jobs.

All these women that were, in pecking order, ahead of Carmen, you know, as far as getting the attention for Prince to kind of focus on her career.

She really took it on the Lexus relationship in how her relationship was with Prince, and she would always have to try to do things that get him to pay attention.And it’s really funny because Carmen when it’s all said and done, she’s a survivor.She’s still got a career, very significant in what she’s doing as an artist, and that’s because she learned, like Lexus, how to be very smart in those situations and turn it around.GC: Yeah, yeah, I do, because I spent a lot of time preparing for that world.The one thing that I, you know, being and playing an exotic dancer is kind of a rite of passage in Hollywood.Our fallback positions were if someone did spot her and I missed them, I’d just say that she was researching a role or something, you know.