In the "Ramsay Street crash" it is peer pressure that decides the character's fate.

"They have been getting along quite well at this stage and they do the class, and while she hates all the baby stuff, she gets close to Andrew and realises what she liked about him in the first place.

He does have this kind and gentle side that you don't see a lot of.

"I don't think she is thinking straight or feeling anything at the moment. She hasn't planned anything, she is making it up as she goes along.

Her only goal is to keep Andrew and Summer apart because of what they did to her and because she was hurt - but she doesn't have an escape plan."How does Natasha feel when she attends the pre-natal class with Andrew?

Andrew has staged a press presentation of the gambling application, but Ed finds a last bug, so he must stall critical reporter Matt Plath, whom he plans to meet with Tasha, without actual programming expert Ed.

The Lucas storyline is beginning to get very awkward, with Sonya seemingly channelling Sheila Canning and encouraging him to declare his feelings for someone who's in a relationship.An argument breaks out, distracting Chris and eventually causing him to lose control of the overloaded car.Andrew is knocked unconscious and Sophie is thrown from the car, while passing Doctor Rhys Lawson (Ben Barber) suffers a career-ending injury to his hand.I know she goes to these extremes - it's so full-on, the whole pregnancy thing, but she was upset and hurt and it was the first thing that came into her head.Once she started the lie, she couldn't take it back."Do you hope the viewers will also have some sympathy for her? When I first read the scripts I thought, 'What on earth is she doing? It was because she was so upset and while it's not obvious, she is very self-conscious deep down - this is her defence mechanism and you have to consider what started this."Did you enjoy filming this storyline?"Then Andrew gets a lucrative job opportunity when he's offered a trainee position at Eden Hills Music…