Houston lawyers Matthew Waldrop and David Brown, who filed the eight motions granted Wednesday, argued that Pratt, by repeatedly making tardy rulings and then backdating orders, is biased and could not rule impartially as she has a demonstrated history of antagonizing lawyers and their clients."In so many cases she didn't make a ruling until weeks and months after the case was heard," Brown said.Herhonner is suing for more than K in damages ...

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"Well, she couldn't possibly remember what had occurred with the number of cases on her docket." More than 3,900 cases have been filed in Pratt's 311th Court so far this calendar year, according to the District Clerk's website.

Judge David Farr, the administrative judge for the family courts, said he was not surprised that Ritter, a longtime judge, had ruled on all eight motions at once because they all contained "common reasons" for why Pratt should be recused.

The Family Court Judge’s job is to resolve issues that were not resolved during mediation or negotiations of the division of marital property, spousal support, visitation and other like issues.

Below is an example of how a judge might resolve an issue before his/her court: Jeff and Susan were the parents of two young boys ages 4 and 7 years old.

Brown and Waldrop subpoenaed Enos and another Houston family lawyer, Robert Clark, to testify Wednesday.

They unsuccessfully subpoenaed the head of the district attorney's public integrity division, as well as Pratt and her former lead clerk Marilyn Epps, who pleaded the Fifth Amendment.I think now there's been well over 20 in, you know, almost three years." Pratt has garnered four challengers in the March Republican primary.By Cathy Meyer Question: What Role Does The Family Court Judge Play In My Divorce Case?Answer: The Family Court Judge is just like you and I. The Family Court Judge has a job that will ultimately give him power over life decisions for you and your spouse.So, if you want to retain power over how your divorce settlement turns out you should put thought into going through the Collaborative Divorce process or fully engaging in mediation and be willing to negotiate, which means being willing to give and take.Areas of concentration include divorce, custody, child support, alimony, modification, paternity, adoption, asset division, will contests, contempt proceedings and 209A restraining order matters.