Clearwater Bay, Sai Kung, Hong Kong, Department of Information and Systems Management, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

It is his collection of specific references on methodology which he has updated in response to feedback from an ISWorld List solicititation.

He is specifically interested in the psychometric rigor of instruments and this list contains many useful references on validity, reliability and related issues. He and all of his contributors are to be thanked for this major effort. While we have no specific search procedure for this list, readers are reminded that they can use the capability of their browsers (e.g.

A demonstration exercise of instrument validation follows as an illustration of some of the basic principles of validation. Cite ULike organises scholarly (or academic) papers or literature and provides bibliographic (which means it makes bibliographies) for universities and higher education establishments. People studying for Ph Ds or in postdoctoral (postdoc) positions.

The validated instrument was designed to gather data on the impact of computer security administration on the incidence of computer abuse in the U. The service is similar in scope to End Note or Ref Works or any other reference manager like Bib Te X, but it is a social bookmarking service for scientists and humanities researchers.

The Information Systems Research Challenge (Harvard Business School Research Colloquium).

"Significance Tests and Goodness of Fit in the Analysis of Covariance Structures." .

Validation을 강조하는 것은 질적 방법보다 양적 방법을 선호해야 한다는 것이 아니라 실험적, 탐구적인 연구를 신뢰할 수 있는 연구가 되게 하기 위해서는 엄격한 instrument validation이 필요하다는 의미이다.

이 글에서는 컴퓨터 오용 사고를 막기 위한 보안 관리 효과 연구의 데이터 수집용으로 설계된 instrument를 대상으로 작업한 것을 예로 들어 instrument validation을 수행 과정을 상세히 보인다.

By empirically testing a model that explains online social value, this research contributes to information systems (IS) theory by introducing a customer value perspective in the social media context and helps service providers by identifying factors predicting satisfaction and continued use that might be employed to improve offerings to keep customers coming back.