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Maryanne one of the young mums had a small kitchen and always asked mum if could help her.

Next morning when I got to Maryanne’s house she was out and only Angelique and I were there. As we kissed I moved one hand to her butt and the other to her breast …she started to pull away but I held her close and kept kissing and stroking pushing my raging prick hard against her body whilst easing her legs open with my knee….relaxed in my arms and kissed me back.‘Talk to me” she said, “don’t just grab me like a whore …Don’t treat me like a sex object”“Admire me, flatter me, love me, all women love to be loved and admired” …I took her hand and moved it down between us until she was rubbing my bulge…kissed me rubbing her body against me then pulled away“Be careful. I was in Heaven, Angelique was going to be mine, Maryanne was jealous. I made up my mind to take Angelique’s advice and tell each of them how wonderful they made me feel. Without thinking I grabbed her and pulled she to me squashing her breasts against my chest…My mouth found hers. She struggled to push me away, but my blood was up, I was like another being, her cries spurred me on. They slipped to the floor still around my ankles.“Come on give it to me, fuck me” she moaned as she bit me on the lip... In, Out, up, down, Grunting and groaning as I experienced for the first time the magic of fucking a hot and sexy woman. Slowly I collapsed on top of her she lay still with my mouth glued to hers. I pulled her to me kissing her and running my hands over her butt, slipping my finger between the cheeks and pushing lightly on her rosebud she shivered and took my face in her hands drawing my head down to her breasts. She was worried and panicky.“What we have done is wrong! We quickly straightened ourselves up before she came into the kitchen.

Mid morning Angelique was called home leaving Maryanne at the sink. As I did she turned around and said “wipe the lipstick off your face... Without thinking of the possible consequences I ran my hand up under her skirt between her legs… Her hands found me …feeding me into her warm wet wonderful hole. We lay quiet for a while and then a torrent of words…“We shouldn’t have done this” she said with a sigh“It’s wrong! As I started to panic she went on speaking softly now“Don’t worry I am on the pill”“My god you were marvellous. I had forgotten what it was to have someone be so anxious to fuck me …. As we worked I couldn’t help but look at the kitchen table that had been the scene of my first sexual adventure still dazed at what had happened.

The most magnificent, Jackie had won state and national beauty titles.

She had a body only an erotic artist could picture.

One morning when she kissed me on arrival, I placed my hands firmly on the ample cheeks of her arse and pushed my tongue into her mouth. The kiss lasted much longer than normal before she pushed me away.

Maryanne looked hard at me as Angelique and I broke away.

Jackie wore a very short mini skirt and a tank top that made her tits and nipples stand out.

This morning as I limped in from the kitchen and passed her a coffee she winked at me and ran her tongue over her lips. Later I was out on the patio when she left the meeting and joined me “Angelique tells me you have been getting fresh kissing and feeling her up, she says you are a horny young stud.”“I have been watching you! She laughed and said “that’s a start, but you have to sound as though you mean it”.“I would love them more if I could get my hands on them” I went on.“Your lips would be better’ she said quietly I pulled her roughly back and kissed her, pushing my tongue in her mouth and my leg hard up against her pussy… ” she cried, And then with my two fingers buried in her my thumb hit a small hard lump at the top of her pussy. I felt the walls of her pussy tremble and her body relax.

I started to spend my nights playing with myself whilst thinking of Angelique.