Unfortunately my troll-o-meter is pegged out in the red...

American women find out too late when the nice guy has given up, but the Europeanwomen can see through the niceness and see the roaring sex god he could be if they gave him a chance when he is still young(early 20s)and the immaculate husband who is an equal to his wife.arent american and canadian white women r originally from Europe ? as for the question i think that Europen girls IN Europe r more into sex that relationships. As someone pointed out earlier, this guy is a troll (if he was a guy).

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It's like there is a constant trial-and-error going on in order to find out who you can actually see yourself with.

In Europe, on the other hand, not many people are ever in a relationship, but if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, it actually means something and will probably last for a while.

I don't know if the OT has travelled even as far as the next town over, but I can say Greek women (part of Europe) are extremely conservative. Sami 81, I am sorry ..you are wrong right there...might be more open about their sexuality, which means if they like you they are gonna tell you that themselves, they won't ask a mutual friend or some of your relatives to let you know..that doesn't mean that they are more into sex than a relationship. the British i have met,, are very cold, non affectionate.... On the other hand my mum was British,,and she too was cold aloof,,,,, great mum,, but didnt like touch,,,,, perhaps there is really something to this?

See, what I see is that European women grow up way faster than American women in thefact to not date a bad boy.

I think European women just want to get an education and find a nice guy like me instead of being in a rocky relationship with a villanous bad boy.

That is the reason I gues, why you don't hear so many whining about how they got played by the guy, because they know (most of the time) what are they getting themselves into.

I agree speading your legs when ever you get the urge dose not show self respect, restraint, morals, dignity. I think European women just want to get an education and find a nice guy like me instead of being in a rocky relationship with a villanous bad boy.

Sorry to tell ya this bro, but if you don’t have game in north America you don’t have “game” anywhere else... However the Rolling Stones song Some Girls you might find amusing assaro, oops I mean azzaro lol.

I could hardly find anyone who wasn't in a relationship and who wasn't engaged in some serious PDA all over the place, complete with holding hands, wearing matching clothes, constantly uploading a super-couple-y profile picture on Facebook and so on.

It felt almost as though each person played their role in the perfect relationship, but could easily repeat it the following week with somebody else.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Well azzaro, I am european, and quite offended by this thread. You might met couple of cheap girls with no self respect, and I don't think that gives you any right to categorize us all.