The exception: You should invite your immediate family members and your wedding party with their significant other or a generic "and guest", no matter what their relationship status is.When Should We Send Our Save the Dates and Invitations?

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But when dealing with local friends, here are a few angles to try: You can try your best to make your point on your invitations.

One Offbeat Bride had the RSVP card say "__ of [insert number here] guests will attend," with invitations to guests without 1s reading "__ of 1 guests will attend." It's hard to get everything on an invitation, and while you can make a point to have the invitations addressed only to your friends (with no "…and guest" included on the envelope) most people assume they can bring a guest unless told otherwise.

For a destination wedding, request your RSVPs back seven weeks before the date which, if you mail your invitations 12 weeks in advance, gives guests five weeks to finalize their plans.

This will also give you a little extra time to track down people you haven't heard from to ensure everyone is accounted for. Once you've gone through the trouble of setting a wedding date, it can be a bummer to find out a friend or family member can't make it.

When it comes to your invitations, timing is everything.

Traditionally, save the dates are mailed four months in advance, with invitations going out around eight weeks before the wedding date.

Make it clear, "We just don't have room for extras — if we allow 1s, we have family members who won't be able to come." In your conversations before the wedding, make it clear that you want the day to be about your community celebrating together.

Emphasize that you want your nearest and dearest around you, and that by not having 1 guests, it allows you invite more members of your community to share the day together.

If you've got an "urban tribe" of local single folks who all know each other, it's not a big deal.

If you're inviting a single friend to come across the country and they won't know anyone at the wedding except you? If you can, allow guests for those single friends traveling from afar.

This was my solution: the wedding ceremony and dinner had a pretty tight guestlist, right around 100 people.