The relationship provides a safe place for both to let their guards down, be themselves, and be honest with each other.Now, researchers at the University of Texas-Arlington have speculated it’s this lack of sexual interest and subsequent lack of sexual competition that enhances women’s trust in gay men — in part because they can believe the person doesn’t have ulterior motives.Call 44 09 Calls cost £1.00 per call plus your network access charge. Connect with a network of gay men across the UK and cruise for gay singles!

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The first article described an increase in women and decrease in men on college campuses around the country, and stressed the competition more women faced when it came to dating.

The second article (the control), meanwhile, discussed sex-specific sleep patterns.

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To determine this, the researchers conducted a series of four studies involving nearly 700 straight female students at a major public university in the southwestern United States.

In one experiment, a total of 167 women were asked to evaluate mock social media profiles of either straight women, straight men, or gay men.

The study’s lead author Eric Russell also completed a similar study in 2014, which found this trusting relationship went both ways — gay men also perceived dating advice from straight women to be more trustworthy than advice from a lesbian or another gay man.“This line of research provides novel experimental evidence that there is more to the gay male-straight female friendship than just what we see on TV,” Russell said about the current study.

“Certain social psychological processes are, indeed, driving these relationships in real life.”Sources: Russell EM, Ta VP, Lewis DMG et al.

This was especially true in situations where women were told “potentially deceptive” information — which could have led to competition for a mate or a sexual rendezvous.