Now: Snyder has acted infrequently since appearing on Then: Meryl pretends to be Jerry’s wife to share his discount at the dry cleaners, but he gets caught cheating when he offers the discount to another woman.

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Following the Upper West Side misadventures of stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld (as a fictionalized version of himself), this “show about nothing” is often hailed as one of the — if not aired on NBC from 1989 to 1998, during which time Jerry dated a lot of women — we counted 70 — whom he typically broke up with for ridiculous reasons or virtually imperceptible character flaws.

To fill the show’s seemingly endless demand for female guest stars, the show’s casting directors managed to produce a seemingly endless supply of young, funny, and beautiful actresses still relatively new to Hollywood. A great deal of Seinfeld’s former girlfriends became TV journeywomen, finding a continuous stream of acting work — you might know the face, but not the name.

Dolores and Jerry briefly reunite after he breaks up with Jeannie (Janeane Garofalo) in the eighth season.

Now: Walters played Diane Jenkins on Then: While not wearing his glasses, George thinks he sees Amy kissing Jerry’s cousin Jeffrey, but as it turns out, it was really a mounted policewoman petting her horse.

She breaks up with him when he tries to force her into it.

(Jerry is pretty creepy in this episode.) Meanwhile, Jodi’s intense dislike for George leaves him totally infatuated with her.She’s won a total of five Emmys (and been nominated for 18), not only for playing Elaine, but also for her lead roles on CBS’ Then: Three years after Jerry falsely promised to call her after a date, she confronts him in a glorious rage at a baby shower.Now: Today, Reed is one of a rarefied few performers to have completed the Then: Jerry describes his conflicted feelings for Isabel, a very attractive but very ditzy actress, as a chess game between his brain and his penis.От их проделок постоянно «страдают» самые обычные люди, которые совершенно случайно попадаются на их пути.Мы станем свидетелями множества курьезных ситуаций, которые могут произойти абсолютно с любым человеком в его повседневной жизни.” George enlists Laura to lip-read his ex’s conversation at a party.