Antispyware Bitdefender détecte et supprime les logiciels espions de vos ordinateurs, qui s’installent dans le but de récolter vos données personnelles.

La protection multi-plateforme absolue Bitdefender Total Security Multi-Device est la suite de sécurité la plus complète incluant les meilleures technologies de protection et des fonctionnalités étendues pour vos appareils sous Windows, mac OS et Android.

Facile à utiliser, Bitdefender protège automatiquement votre vie privée, vos données personnelles et vos appareils contre toutes les formes de menaces, même inconnues. Bitdefender élimine toutes les menaces, même inconnues, protège votre vie privée et bloque les tentatives de fraudes sur tous vos appareils. Bitdefender élimine toutes les formes de menaces telles que les virus, vers, chevaux de Troie, ransomwares, exploits zéro-day, rootkits et spywares.

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The two primary features introduced in the latest version are Bitdefender Central, a security hub used for managing multiple devices with the tool installed (Windows, Mac OS X, Android) from a web interface, and Ransomware Protection, which prevents hijackers from encrypting and deleting your private data to hold it for ransom.

In quick scan mode, Bitdefender takes into account only typical locations prone to malware infections, like Program Files or the Windows directory, the system scan mode verifies all hard disk contents, while the vulnerability scan mode checks for critical Windows Updates, application updates, weak passwords, and media autorun.

Custom scan profiles can be created by including any drives, folders or files in the scanner, as well as by scheduling it to run only once, at every Windows startup, or periodically.

Plus, you can drop files and folders in this widget to scan.

As far as the design is concerned, the main app window keeps the same dark theme presented in the 2015 edition. The largest tile launches Bitdefender Central, while the other ones enable you to run a vulnerability or quick scan, access Safepay, trigger the Startup Optimizer or One Click Optimizer, and check for updates.

It integrates new entries in the Explorer right-click menu for quickly scanning custom files and folders, shredding items, as well as creating, adding, removing, opening and locking the file vault.