Also included in the sale is a unique and historically important Tupac Shakur diamond and gold M. B Ring with Tupac’s original tissue paper lining intact. In hip hop’s evolution from the Bronx to the boardrooms of Madison Avenue and the catwalks of Paris, the musical art form has always aspired to and celebrated the trappings of the “good life.” Pieces such as Sean Diddy Comb’s princess- and baguette-cut diamond and platinum bracelet embody the boom, says Minya Oh: “Sean Diddy Combs personifies hip hop’s bling lifestyle.This ring is a charged symbol of Shakur’s controversial link to Suge Knight, founder of Death Row Records. He’s elevated ‘ghetto fabulousness’ and ‘urban luxury’ into public theater.” Listed by Forbes as one of the highest-earning celebrities, and king of an empire that includes music, television and fashion, Sean Diddy Combs and his taste in diamonds personifies the luxe lifestyle.

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NEW YORK – Phillips de Pury & Co., New York has announced details of the first-ever hip-hop jewelry auction, which will be held Oct. Titled Hip Hop’s Crown Jewels, the event is being produced with the support of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History and “Godfather of Hip Hop” Russell Simmons.

Phillips de Pury’s chairman, Simon de Pury, will preside as auctioneer.

Hip Hop’s Crown Jewels will also benefit Rush Community Affairs, Russell Simmons’ coalition of nonprofit organizations including Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, the Hip Hop Summit Action Network and the Diamond Empowerment Fund.

The limited-edition Hip Hop’s Crown Jewels auction catalogue will be available prior to the Oct. This beautiful document includes significant contributions from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, Simon de Pury and Russell Simmons, and promises to be a valuable addition to hip hop history.

Simon de Pury had the original idea to bring Hip Hop’s Crown Jewels to the public as a showcase of complex cultural artifacts embedded with style, and indelibly marked with narratives of class, religion, race, materialism and the American dream.

This unprecedented auction is headed by specialist Alia Varsano, worldwide head of Contemporary Jewelry at Phillips de Pury, with the authoritative input of Minya Oh, author of Bling Bling: Hip Hop’s Crown Jewels.

Don't let the Swiss accent fool you—de Pury is a true hip-hop fan.

With de Pury's goal of making sure hip-hop is seen as an authentic art form, 50 to 60 iconic pieces are set to be auctioned off.

Hip-hop stars are 21st-century royalty, and their jewels from the '80s to the present will take center stage at one of the world's most acclaimed auction houses, Phillips de Pury & Company, in New York City.

In keeping with its reputation as the young collectors' auction house, Phillips de Pury will present "Hip-Hop's Crown Jewels." The auction is the brainchild of the house's chairman, Simon de Pury, or as he's known in some circles, MC de Pury.

One of the most outrageous artifacts in the sale doubles as a defiant missive to hip hop critics proclaiming the demise of “crunk,” a catchy Southern style of hip hop.