There were a lot of people who speculated, 'she's not going to win - she's the virgin" Griffith: "But you did win! And I just knew that it wasn't who God had for me at the end of the day.I know God has somebody great out there for me and I still held on to my values.She's very serious about her Christian faith so I think that is a component. Not as a physical need but rather to express things. (Sometimes you can compromise, but "no sex before marriage" is a fairly binary thing with polarised views...

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you won't ever respect her religion because she'll use it as a crutch whenever she gets upset about something you do, and have a couple hundred strangers plus her family to tell her that she's right for doing so and you're always wrong because you're not part of their imaginary man club. Notice that OP wrote: "She's very serious about her Christian faith so I think that is a component.

I'm not very religious myself." Not respecting the other's beliefs is closed-minded.

We like each other a lot and there are no issues in our relationship. There was one guy I have ever dated who grew up in a society where sex before marriage was unusual and he knew the basics, etc but didn't understand how to create and maintain intimacy. If it was me I think I would explain to her that I want a relationship to include sex at some point well before marriage, and to point out that there's no guarantee that marriage would even happen, and if that's impossible for her then I would part company with her.

However, she has indicated multiple times that she does not want to have any sort of sex until marriage. I haven't tried to initiate sex with her (I'm not to that stage yet either), but rather she volunteered the info. I'm having a problem with this, because sex is important to me in a relationship. Dating is about finding out about each other, and often that includes finding out things that mean that the relationship can't go in the direction you want and then it's often better to get out and start again with someone else.

And that's why you wait." Griffith: "That's why you wait." Today Angela is happily single and working on a new line of jewelry called The One Love Collection.

She's also finishing a book about her upbringing, dating, and why it's important to guard your heart and wait until marriage for sex. " Zatopek: "I just truly believe that through waiting and preserving that for marriage and for your husband, God will just bless you.Follow Wendy on Twitter @Wendyg CBN and "like" her at Griffith CBN.I've been dating a girl for a few months and everything is going very well. I couldn't be with someone who thought sex was something shameful only for procreation or simply didn't understand the need for intimacy. Then you can (both) reach a decision about whether your currently opposing views about sex are compatible with the relationship continuing."She told me, I'm not sure how Ben is going to feel about you, Ben is the bachelor, because he's looking for a modern-day woman and the physical is so important for a relationship," Zatopek said. Inspiring a New Generation She hopes her decision inspires a new generation of young women to stay sexually pure before marriage."So essentially, she was saying you couldn't be a modern-day women unless you were willing to sleep with these guys? "They were taking me back to wardrobe and this little girl, who was 12 years old, broke through security.Griffith: "Well, what about Ben, the bachelor, what did he think about your stance for no sex before marriage?