It always gets lots of responses from women saying that's why they choose to live there. It seems obvious that the best country in the world to be a woman is probably the worst country in the world to be a man and vice versa.

Only after they try to live there will they know what it is like to be a man in Canada, USA, UK, etc...

“Villainous overweight lemon-sucking shrews with thick ankles. While not tangilble, I think they were among the best when it came to intelligence operations.

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On the plus side they were usually pretty simple and easy to work on mechanically.

I liked the Iraqi T 54/55's very much, they blew up nicely and you could easily tell which ones were hit and which ones were faking it.

Now of course the same women that say they chose Canada because it is the best place in the world to be a woman will mock men that leave to go abroad to greener pastures for men like South East Asia.

I would love to see how those same women feel about living in the Middle East or Asia.

Eat ice cream out of the box and watch Oprah.” Vote for freedom, not political parties Kann ich bitte ihre Papiere sehen? When you boil down the nuts and bolts of them, they were clunky, uncomfortable death traps for the crews.