Individual accounts may well be affected too, and not noticing unless they compare with Webmail, which could be a problem if their computer breaks and they have assumed they don’t need to back up mail locally as it’s stored on the server.

Yesterday I installed Outlook 2016 and tried my best to see if I could provoke the same bug, and sadly I did.

I downloaded and set up standalone Outlook 2016 and added one of my email accounts. So now what appears in my folder pane is Favorites (inbox, sent items, deleted items), personal folders file (which contains all of my imported inbox emails, subfolders, RSS feeds, etc) and the email account that I added (with its associated inbox, drafts, etc).

-- rboklewski ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------ rboklewski's Profile: t=1230908 Posted from - also have 1 other user like this, have no clue what it might be.

-- rboklewski ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------ rboklewski's Profile: t=1230908 Posted from - the problem by updating to outlook 2003, but the only thing is the outbox is not updating until something is clicked on, but i can live with that, because messages are still being sent. It was still doing it when i chose upgrade, when i ran the 2003 setup. I would turn off 'cached mode' for affected uses to see if this alleviates problem.

Some email client software requires that you first subscribe to the folders on the IMAP server before you can view them.

Below are the instructions for the most common email client software.

Symptoms: Outlook 2016 is only pulling emails from subfolders. Solution: Check if the path to your Inbox is set in your Outlook 2016 settings. Tab: Advanced Option: Root folder path Setting this to “Inbox” will do the trick.

To set the root folder path for your IMAP account: File- Account Settings…

I had then tried to remove and add the profile, no changes. -- rboklewski ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------ rboklewski's Profile:

I then uninstalled 2003 and ran the setup again and chose complete install and everything was fine except for the outbox not updating until that folder or another folder or any email message is clicked on. Im suprised nobody else has seen this problem -- rboklewski ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------ rboklewski's Profile:

The bug mostly seems to happen when moving around large folders of mail, possibly if you close Outlook while it is still synchronising after you have asked it to do this.

So I made a test folder, filled it up with lots of copies of junk, and then started creating copies of it.

However if I export this mail account to a file and then re-open the file in Outlook suddenly I can see a Sync Issues folder, with many messages in.