He has a lean, athletic build that gives him a super sexy look whenever he appears shirtless on TV. He has deep, ocean blue eyes that are simply put – dreamy.Perhaps the most obvious reason Aaron Tveit gets tagged with gay rumors relates to his work in theater.

His most recent gig at the time of this posting is on TNT’s Graceland, playing the part of Mike Warren.

Charming, bright and handsome, this hunky actor has truly made his mark on the celebrity scene.

Oh No They Didn’t (ONDT) posted an item in 2013 referring to Tveit and Crawford having a bromance, as an example of this line of gossip.

And there are a number of photographs available on the Internet that show the two paired.

In 2009, Tveit landed a role on the CW’s popular television show, Gossip Girl, playing the part of William “Tripp” van der Bilt III.

Gossip Girl essentially launched this actor’s TV career in a similar manner to that of Chace Crawford.To keep it real – the actor seems to set off a lot of peoples “gaydar”.We like Aaron Tveit very much and think he is a suburb actor.“In May 2013, Aaron publicly confirmed that he has a girlfriend on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live.” Please do not ask ATN any further questions regarding his relationship. Whenever an actor is ambiguous about their relationships, it feeds into perceptions (and misperceptions) about sexual orientation.If Aaron wants more information known, it’ll be at his own discretion”, reads the FAQ on his site. In fact, ambiguity is one of the 10 main reasons why gay celebrity rumors start in the first place.During the early part of his life, the star was active in sports, playing golf, soccer and basketball while also finding time to partake in his high school’s theater productions.