The unreliable narrator bit and VO worked extremely well here because they didn't shy away from showing that Elliot has extreme emotional and psychological issues.

I'm leaning toward Mr Robot being a delusion right now, which is interesting.

Im very excited about these series but im really worried about the fight club similarities...

Sense8 was that long and I swear I thought that convoluted mess of plot and character would never end.

But Mr Robot was well paced from beginning to end, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

The economy we had before legislation changed this landscape was just as capitalist -- but was a better place to live in in terms of finances and jobs for most N. Re CTO: being CTO of Evil Corp doesn't preclude being a tool, especially if you're mostly attending meetings and crafting strategy versus actually coding.

While a powerful position that job is one that would usually offer the kind of anonymity that wouldn't have you losing sleep about being a target.

Or at least a secure connection they can use remotely if its truly impossible to have someone close by. If I argue against one extreme, unfettered capitalism in this case, I must, necessarily, be a proponent of the other extreme.

So much for supercompetent evil conspirators, these poorly considered shows don't have a logically consistent view of the capitalist they hate. That communism doesn't work has been clearly demonstrated by two big experiments.

Glad is airing now since Ive been waiting for four weeks for a new episode. I remember when the people who talked like this were the nutty hippie like in Dharma and Greg or the disillusioned townie who was just bitter because his parents abandoned him a la that 70's show. "There's a daring genius to flat-out naming the evil corporation in the show Evil Corp" Now correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the name of the corporation was "E Corp" and it was just our protagonist who mentally added "Evil" knowing. He made a statement about them being evil, and it seemed to follow past that statement.

He does it so much that he just hears Evil Corp instead of E Corp and since the show is playing with consiousness etc I just rolled it into one of the ways the program shows us his perspective. I wonder how much of what we see will be affected by his point of view.

this made me worry that the whole season is going to go down exactly like fight club which would be really disappointing :( fight club was awesome but now we know the you think?