У меня вопрос к знающим)): Нужно ли было вообще обновлять этот Bios через Vaio Update, если все и так работало нормально, не чревато теперь это глюками и т.п.и как вообще теперь узнать ничего ли я не натворила а то у меня теперь паника))).

Thanks System Manufacturer/Model Number Insane hobo technologies.

;-) OS Windows 7 x64 CPU Intel i7 2600k Motherboard Asrock z68 extreme 4 gen 3 Memory G.skill Ripjaw 16gigs @ 1866 Graphics Card Nvidia gtx580 (evga) Sound Card Integrated HD audio hdmi Monitor(s) Displays 24" ASUS widescreen 42" insignia Screen Resolution 1080p (1920x1080) Keyboard Microsoft wireless 3000 (v2) Mouse MS - wireless 5000 (bluetrack) PSU 1 kilowatt SLI/Crossfire rated Silverstone modular Case NZXT Phantom additional 220 fan Cooling Zalmann Hard Drives 128 Samsung 830 256 Samsung 840 3 x 1tb storage drive (various) 1 western digital 1tb (e SATA) 1 Seagate 1tb (e SATA) Internet Speed depends on if you ask me or my provider.

Everything went fine, got message 'BIOS updated successfully', 'Press OK to shut down.' Pressed ok & now nothing's okay. Tried the following troubleshooting, but no luck;1) Pressing F2, F8 & F10 keys.2) Disconnected the AC Adapter, removed the battery & pressed the power button for 60secs. Thanks a ton 1234s282, you are really proving to be an for my lappy.

Have looked around in the tutorials for Recovering From A Bad Insyde Bios Flash, where can I get the original bios file ******. Three Things, pls clarify:1) Will removing the motherboard battery help resetting?

Unplug your computer , remove the battery , wait a whole 10 minutes , replace the battery and switch it back on and see if you an get into the bios.2) Not that i know of but its definately insyde because the download includes the insyde flash utility!

3) Yes , still flash it - chances are you just had a bad flash and its always a good thing to have the latest bios available!

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Intel AMI BIOS IDs are used to identify motherboards with an Intel AMI BIOS.

2) I too figured out that its an Insyde BIOS because of the update version. 3) If things went wrong while updating the BIOS with version R0290Q2, should we try to flash with it?

1) Not really , removing the motherboard battery resets bios settings to defaults - it doesnt help if the actual flash failed but seeing as itsaid "Flash Successful" its worth a shot as sometimes upgrading the bios requires all the settings to go back to defaults first.

Hi, I tried updating the BIOS of my Sony Vaio CS-17G notebook to the latest updates given at the Sony Support Website.