I think that’s the main reason I chose to sing in English.

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“I was so focused on the panic I had for not forgetting the words, I didn’t find any freedom. The daughter of English actress Jane Birkin and provocative French troubadour Serge Gainsbourg, she is, effectively, the love child of erotic Sixties disco classic, ’Je t’Aime... She has carved out an impressive acting career in left field European cinema, from an incestuous teenager in the 1993 film of Ian Mc Ewan’s ’The Cement Garden’ to winning Best Actress at last year’s Cannes Film Festival for her portrayal of mental disintegration in Lars Von Trier’s sexually violent ’Antichrist’. “I went into the studio for five minutes and it was over.

Of course, it was a wonderful experience for me to be directed by him but I had nothing to say.” She focused, instead, on her fledgling acting career, and didn’t return to making music until 2006, with ’’, an album written for her by French duo Air with lyrics by Jarvis Cocker.

To that end, here are 10 things you may not have known about the designer.

'I don’t think I’m an artist,” says Charlotte Gainsbourg, tilting her head with a quizzical seriousness, the flat Anglo-French of her accent adding a kind of philosophical gravity to her words. I really feel that I’m under someone else’s command, willing to be manipulated, like a piece of clay, that’s what I like. It’s certainly the kind of role Gainsbourg has played before.

Today looking very stylish, Doillon, who was the face of Givenchy, is dressed in black with a cream blouse and foppish cuffs with a giant-brimmed hat.

She has come on a day trip to London from Paris, where she lives in the bohemian district, Bastille, with her son Marlowe, 10.“It wasn’t a pessimistic introspection, it was all ups and downs, and so we used everything. But he wrote everything.” Gainsbourg is a curious creature, very composed, quietly assured, yet also tentative and self-deprecating.I didn’t try to camouflage my feelings.” But then, since she is neither musician nor songwriter, the obvious question is whether this is really her album, or Beck’s? She is ultimately impossible to pin down, as if the only thing that is certain about her is her own uncertainty.She talks without holding back – in perfect English – as she does on her album of confessional folk songs about love, regret and obsession.The songs are presented in a sophisticated and broken husky voice – with an American drawl: “I. U.” is about missing somebody; “Same Old Game” is about betrayal by a man; and “One Day After Another” is about getting off the merry-go-round of life to take time over things, which is certainly what Doillon has done.It is a characteristic, I suppose, that lends itself to drama and, indeed, to music, albeit essentially as a vehicle for the creativity of others.