I had to leave the table, and since it was a rated game I lost rating points.

To me this man was way out of line with the things he was asking me.

What your opponent did was, indeed, a Terms of Service violation.

Live uncensored chat-63

He ignored you and proceeded to make you feel very uncomfortable.

You felt torn because it was a rated game and stayed until you couldn’t take anymore.

Would you like to see the ladies make more videos such as this?

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Yes, it’s uncensored, but to me “uncensored” and “pure filth” are different.

In a table game, this man asked me if I was naughty.News and More: Return to soapcentral.com's B&B Front Page. Netiquette, I played gin last week in an uncensored chat room.Alas, the reality is that uncensored rooms do tend to be the first rooms people with those sorts of intentions go.While Pogo is a game site and most people come here expecting to play games, there are those that hope to mix a little “dirty talk” in in with their gaming experience and head towards the uncensored rooms to do just that.When I said “no” he told me to leave his table then proceeded to ask me very personal questions, which were very filthy.