And so all of a sudden we were in the City and then I found the Sidewalk.

Tom: Can you remember the first time you went to the Sidewalk, how did you hear about it?

We actually got a little bit of a following in Washington.

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Since news on a fourth entry into the series has been pretty scarce, Green decided to spill the beans on an old pitch to Dark Sky for a new film on his podcast The Movie Crypt.

This time, Green wanted to go meta and have Crowley become a real entity, one that has seen the first three films and isn’t happy with how he’s been portrayed.

I just figured to go out with a bang and make it real and make it grounded and make him terrifying and not campy would have been really cool…” The alleged reason this story was turned down was because Dark Sky didn’t want there to be an ending to the series. “I remember pitching that idea to Dark Sky, and they said ‘if you do that, that’s the end. The idea wasn’t rejected as much as they went in a different direction.

However, we’ve heard that there are legitimate talks for a fourth film but only time will tell where these talks lead.

I think we both kinda dreamed about doing the Moldy Peaches for a living because we saw it as an opportunity to escape the suburbs [of New York].

And for some reason we just had a lot of confidence in it.

We just thought it was this special thing that we had.

And then, flash forward, to when we were in Washington [state] – we tried to play in some coffee shops and bars as the Moldy Peaches and it went really well.

So I thought of playing the subway cause I thought maybe I can wrangle up some interest in my music.