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The useful information on this site will help you make the right choice. It was launched in 1997 and has been in Jewish dating market for more than a decade.

However, I could not let more time pass without more than a verbal acknowledgement. On top of all of that, you even sent us a wedding gift! Thank you for being so warm and responsive, and I greatly appreciate your advice.

Not only did you share your lives, but you shared your personal experiences to help us. (As if you hadn't already given us the best wedding gift of all)! Thank you for becoming my matchmaker - I greatly appreciate your efforts and your attentiveness.

Dating can be difficult online if you don’t have someone to assist, that’s what you give.

I want to tell you that regardless of the amount of long term relationships that will result, you and your team have helped people in NY meet.

Visit Site Visit Site Read Full Review Read Full Review On JWed, you will find that there are over 2500 of jewish people met and married from 2001.

It's a great achievement for an average-size Jewish dating site.What you are doing is very special and I want you to know I am grateful, so THANK YOU.I must say that you really have a "knack" for this!We both could not help but repeat several times how highly we think of the site.It is a great way to meet new people without it being overly invasive by having your profile available for public viewing.What is funny is that after Sarah and I got engaged, we realized that there were many people we knew in common, but that our paths just never crossed allowing us to meet each other. We are truly in debt to you and appreciate the huge role you played in us meeting each other and finding true love.