So I started writing to this poet directly and then the language of the address turned very quickly into a question—and then a series of questions.

What would it look like if we didn't have just one voice or even just a few special voices? What if each member of that multitude brought every bloody, romping, joyful part of their history? "After a Dog" is a kind of allegory of how messy and complicated and not-precious a democracy is.

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What if those first no-song strains open the sex-shop neon in us, musk in us, whiskey stink so deep down in us we sing like this: so funky, so loud, we refuse to neglect what ramshackle bunkhouse, penthouse, whorehouse we were drawn from in the first place or how the hell we will ever find our way back.

Even so, let's not forget, the long yawp of the poor dog who ate fresh petals some moron savant force-fed it, having spent three full spring days stitching them together with metal barbs, what if no one recalls sound, except the few surviving dogs, the twisted thin-wire fence and the silent magnolia blast every May.

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