See also: Mexico City Escorts Check out Wiki Sex Guide Adult Classifieds! The city is officially divided into 16 delegaciones (boroughs) which are in turn subdivided into colonias (neighborhoods), of which there are around 250; however, it is better to think of the city in terms of districts to facilitate the visitor getting around.

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You have also an option to use massage parlors, brothels and escort services in other parts of the Mexico City.

Sex prices in Mexico City vary from just a couple of hundred pesos to thousands of pesos, depending what you want, when you want it and where you want it.

The use of condoms in La Merced is common, but in order to get a little extra money, some girls accept unprotected sex.

Most popular area for prostitution in Mexico City is Zona Rosa.

The younger and more sexy, the better their possibilities to deny unsafe sex.

In this five block region it is said there are no pimps and no one forces girls to be sex workers except in some cases where either a boyfriend or a family member encourages them into prostitution.

Most girls will agree to have unprotected sex for an additional fee.

In general, negotiations between a prostitute and her client are driven by age, and how good looking the girl is.

Prostitution is also very common in the area and this place has been catalogued as the biggest prostitution site in Mexico.

La Merced seems to be more regulated than Buenavista.

In contrast to Buena Vista, this zone is mainly commercial although many families live there.