You can help ascertain whether the problem is with their profile alone by trying to look at other friends' profiles as well.

This process does not usually take long, so check back in a few hours to see if it works again.

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If you're new to Twitter, or just haven't followed the Twitter to Facebook trend in recent months, we've found a few quick and easy ways to turn your tweets into status updates.

From auto-updating your Facebook status, to more calculated updates, we think these five ways to share Twitter updates with Facebook will satisfy those of us with a predilection for maintaining dual social presences.

If one of you has blocked the other, you will not see their name appear as a hyperlink, but in the event you still attempt to view their profile you may see the "Profile Unavailable" error.

Note that the effects of blocking are identical no matter who initiated the block.

If you try to access this profile via a link or bookmark, you will see this error.

If the account is completely deleted or banned by Facebook, however, the error will be slightly different, and you will see, "Sorry, this page isn't available." Based in California, James Wright has been writing since 1998.The update release notes are as follows - Now it's easier to chat with your friends and share multiple photos.- Swipe left anywhere in the app to quickly see who's available and send a message - Add friends you message most to the top of your Favorites - Share multiple photos fast - Give real gifts to your friends using Facebook Gifts (US-only) - When sending messages, see who's active so you and your friends know how soon to expect a reply While the ability to upload multiple photos at once may be cause for celebration for some Facebook users, others are wishing they wouldn't have updated at all.If it is affecting someone else, you may not be able to see their profile, and they may not show up on your Friends list either.Most of these errors won't affect all users simultaneously; if other profiles are still working, this does not discount the possibility of a server problem.Facebook releases periodic updates to profiles, and they don't always roll out for everyone at the same time.