The settlement does not include the company’s co-founders, Henry Samuels … There is still a raft of unresolved options backdating cases out there, but at least one of the remaining options backdating related securities class action lawsuits has now been settled.

Even though the whole world has moved on and though options backdating pales by comparison to what followed, many options backdating cases continue to grind on. Continue Reading As I noted in a prior post (here), NERA Economic Consulting, in a May 15, 2008 paper (here), had asked the question whether options backdating-related securities class action lawsuits were settling for less than data from prior class action settlements would predict.

In the May 15 paper, looking at the settlements to date, NERA found …

But even though many of press accounts have reproduced some …

Continue Reading Former Mc Afee General Counsel Kent Roberts, accused of options backdating-related misconduct, was acquitted following a criminal jury trial and the SEC later dropped its separate enforcement action against him.

But that apparently is not enough for Roberts – he wants vengeance.

On September 16, 2009, he filed a lawsuit in the Northern District of …In a September 9, 2011 opinion applying Maryland law, Southern District of New York Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald ruled in a coverage action brought by Safe Net’s excess D&O insurer that, among many …Continue Reading Although some noteworthy settlements from the subprime-related securities class action litigation wave have started to accumulate (refer for example here), there are still some impressive settlements coming in from the prior scandal.Federal officials say more prosecutions will be brought in 2007 over manipulation of the timing of stock option grants to enrich top company executives....A very long ten years ago – before the financial crisis, before the Euro crisis, before the Brexit vote — there was the options backdating scandal.Specifically, our analysis indicates the presence of a founder CEO increases the likelihood that ESOs are backdated by 22%.