Try and keep in perspective the reason why you are doing this, and think about all the things you’ll be able to do/enjoy when you’ve quit forever.

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It's widely known that marijuana is incredible.

One of Mary-Jane's best qualities is that she has the potential to bring people together who may otherwise have no reason to be cool with each other. Harmon's goal with M-Date, due to launch by the end of the summer, is to eliminate the anxiety of being judged by potential matches due to smoking the reefer.

”Fear not, lonely tokers-looking-for-love, you don’t have to smoke alone forever: My420is a new dating site promising to help you meet the one who won’t be put off by your passion for pot—because they share it.

”Everyone you meet in our community is guaranteed to be accepting of the 420 lifestyle,” promises the website, which is billed as “The #1 Online Dating Community for Cannabis Lovers!

Now that you’re here, I want you to read this till the end, for your own good: By the way, if you don’t think you’re addicted, take our quick weed addiction test and find out for yourself. Maybe you even choose to spend most of your time with people who also smoke weed in order to feel more socially accepted.

Otherwise, read on to see some simple methods on quitting weed. Weed addiction can eventually take over your life, and replace your friends, hobbies and social activities.

In order to get over a weed addiction, you first have to be honest with yourself and confront the problem head-on – this can often start by facing some harsh truths.

First step is to honestly admit that weed is taking over your life in unhealthy ways & that you have to take back some power.

Saying that, if you think a month is not enough to realistically quit, you shouldn’t set yourself up for failure.