The showy swimwear featured a gold zipper detail in the center and the word ‘lifeguard’ emblazoned in white on the back.”, with which he hopes to snag some awards that certify him as a real, serious actor.

“Roadside Attractions has set July 29 as the opening for coming-of-age drama ‘Indignation,’ starring Logan Lerman,” reports .

Kelly Gale, a model and advocate for equal rights, blossomed early in her career.

Discovered at the age of 12, Kelly Gale began her modeling career at 13.

The movie follows Sidney Hall, who finds accidental success and unexpected love at an early age, then disappears without a trace.

Also pictured below: Logan stops by the Cinema Cafe at Filmmaker Lodge.

@The Rock drinking my protein powder and heading back for a beach run…

#baywatch.” Her friendship with “the Rock” and her good fortunes in Hollywood blockbusters aren’t the only thing that may be making Logan Lerman jealous.

While the 30-year-old actress has taken a more commercial route to Hollywood fame, the 24-year-old actor decided to be more artsy and indie when choosing his roles.

“Logan Lerman waits on the set of his upcoming movie Sidney Hall on Monday (April 25) in the Brooklyn borough of New York City,” reports From the looks of her Twitter and Instagram, it is hard to see that the actress is dating anyone in particular.

Since then, Logan has removed himself from the spotlight to take some time off and see what direction he should take in his career.

Looks like he is pulling a move that Ryan Gosling made!

One thing that Ben Verlander and Logan Lerman have in common is the age.