Even the roller to control the flame is easily missed, tucked away at the very bottom.It’s a lighter fit for any socialite of Paris, almost begging for a 1920s-style cigarette holder.Cunningly mirroring the faceted contours of an Aventador of Gallardo, this Tonino Lamborghini lighter is supercar styling on a much smaller scale.

With its titanium shell, it’s near weightless in your pocket, thankfully far more subtle than the cars themselves. It’s a bit of a surprise to see Tiffany’s name on a lighter.

The world-famous New York jeweller’s penchant for fancy yellow diamonds and engagement rings seems a little at odds with smoking accessories. The Bean lighter is just that, a curved, organic shape rendered in sterling silver.

Here opposing streams create a fan-shaped flame ideal for the task.

Add in a glass of Davidoff’s own cognac and you have the recipe for an ultimately satisfying smoke.

It’s a lighter whose luxury credentials are impossible to argue with, but one that doesn’t feel the need to shout about them, an apt reflection of the house as a whole. A beautifully regal combination of cherry red and yellow gold, the lacquer has been hand-applied by one of Dupont’s legion of craftsmen to give each lighter a unique pattern of darker swirls.

Nothing on this list can be called merely a lighter, but this exemplifies the elevation of the everyday into something truly special.

The finely detailed leaf pattern wrought in the gold plating is wonderfully tactile, with a pleasing weight in the hand.

However, no matter how handsome it is, more important than the sumptuous gold is how it lights; you wouldn’t want to sully a fine cigar with an imperfect flame.

Sometimes you just want a taste of the contemporary, foregoing gold and ancient crafts for something firmly rooted in the modern era.

Well, given what else the Lamborghini name has been applied to, this lighter is in good company.

Even so, all to often the humble lighter is an afterthought and it’s all too easy to rely on cheap, disposable versions. But a lighter is a constant companion so, rather than cycling your way through various coloured plastics, invest in something that will stand the test of time. Even being the paragon of gentlemanly style that they are, dunhill’s lighters are still considered the quintessential luxury lighter.