Even at this early stage I anticipated that the steeply inclined (45 degrees) upper southern shaft might be relatively free of debris and thus easily negotiable, but that the upper northern shaft, much less steep (32 degrees), might be badly clogged and thus, that a larger clearing and cleaning operation could become necessary. Stadelmann and I had agreed on a sensible division of labor: I would handle the technical preparations of the project; the GAI would secure all the necessary permits in Egypt.

Throughout the latter half of 1990 I was surprised not to receive any response to my project proposal from Prof.

The builders must have ascribed great significance to the shafts, otherwise they would never have let themselves in for such a massive constructional headache.

cheops dating-86

At the same time, I began analyzing the pyramids, as of 1989 by computer looking for tell-tale signs, the fingerprints always left behind by the designer and builders of any large construction. As a further private initiative, I set up the UPUAUT FOUNDATION, a specialized high tech source for digital conservation and field work improvements.

In the early 90s I began developing a computer-based study focusing on the knowledge of the ancient Egyptians and the means available to them to conduct their work on various monuments.(In September 1997 I gave a speech on this subject during the "Ordo et Mensura" conference at the Deutsches Museum in Munich, organized by Dr. In connection with those endeavors, I have secured the necessary funding and sponsoring for such projects from companies like Compaq, Gore, Port-Escap, Mäurer & Wirz, Autodesk, Datapath, LTG, Helios and ABC Cam-Tech, to all of whom I remain gratefully indebted.

From that moment I resolved to do something about it, to try to prevent the ongoing loss and to make a contribution to solving the riddles.

This was also the first time I would encounter the hordes of mystics, spiritualists and esoterics who conduct groups and services in and around the Cheops pyramid.

I suggested using a small robot to investigate the so-called "air shafts".

I included the initial design and drawings of the robot, as well as specifications of the overall logistics and team which would be necessary.

At last, the big day arrived I was to climb Cheops for the first time!

With the inspector, I ascended via the southwest corner of the pyramid.

As I walked around the plateau I was astonished by the fact that there were bits of evidence strewn everywhere invaluable clues to how the pyramids had been constructed.

I was struck by the wealth of evidence available to the eye of an engineer.

Put simply, a stone structure of such magnitude, built up in layers over a period of many years, is a sufficiently gargantuan undertaking to daunt any builder.