I put the crotch of the panties up to my nose and inhaled deeply. Normally it would be a smell thatwould repulse me but since that was the smell of Aunt Jen’spussy I just couldn’t get enough of it.

I became completely overcome by my hormones and forgot all else that was going on.

Jennifer was standing a few feet away from me with her back towards me and she was comletely nude. I watched as sheslid a pair of lacey white panties on, her ass jiggling asshe did so.

Horney aunties-42Horney aunties-44

Существует также продолжение Do You Like Horny Bunnies? В центре сюжета находится восемнадцатилетний Юкари Фудзисава (единственный игровой персонаж), который выглядит настолько женственно, что его нередко принимают за девушку. — визуальный роман, в котором от игрока требуется выбирать верные ответы в диалогах.

Он устраивается на работу в ресторан «Платина», где, как выясняется, все официантки работают в костюмах зайчиков. Вторая часть, выпущенная Zy X 29 ноября 2002 года, была также лицензирована G-Collections.

The G-Collections version features the original Japanese voices along with English translation. You are Yukari Fujisawa, age 18, a slight Japanese boy who is often mistaken for a girl. One day, after a heartbreaking experience, he decides to get a job -- unfortunately, the job is only looking for female waitresses to fill in the diner's sexy bunny costumes, but Yukari is able to slip into the job and mingle with the horny bunny girls.

Një snajperist i forcave speciale me një shenjëtër të jashtëzakonshme, pasi vret vëllanë e një bosi të drogës dhe bashkohet me Luftëtarët Ujk, duhet të përballet me disa mercenarë të cilët i dërgon bosi...

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