As a church explicitly founded to support slavery, although they have massively improved on the racism front, they are generally on the wrong side of history.In particular they are both homophobic The denomination allows a considerable degree of autonomy to individual congregations, and while the organization itself has largely broken free of its past outlook on race relations, there remain many local SBC-affiliated churches which look sharply down their nose at interracial marriage.

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Given its overtly racist origins and almost exclusive white membership it should surprise no one that the Southern Baptist Convention was one of the driving forces behind Jim Crow laws.

In 1995 on its 150th anniversary, the Southern Baptist Convention renounced its racist roots and passed a motion apologising for its historical defence of slavery, segregation, and white supremacy.

Overall, only nine percent of Americans said it was bad for society.

However, 16 percent of white evangelicals said this, more than twice the opposition found among other Americans (7 percent).

Only three percent of either group said interracial marriage was bad for society.

Eight-in-ten respondents said the trend "doesn't make much difference." Those who are not religious were more optimistic, with 38 percent saying it was good for society.

Prominent members include Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, and Jerry Falwell (the latter being a convert).

Jimmy Carter, who had been a member, left for a more moderate Baptist denomination due to a fundamentalist takeover in the 1980s.

It has a particularly notable history of racism although it does seem to be recovering (the homophobia and sexism are both very much still evident).