When it does touch the ground, the opposing team gets a point.

The first to get fifteen points is the winner of this excellent hand-eye coordination and team-building game.

Once each team has created a line of five bottles two feet apart from each other and about thirty feet from the other team, it is time to begin.

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Although meant for children, many of the games in this section are quite enjoyable for all ages!

Playing outdoors with a ball can be a blast, but self-created games can only last for so long before arguments or boredom may ensue.

This easy to create game requires a portion of bubble wrap covered with a plastic bag, and two additional grocery bags, along with two teams of at least three players and no more than eleven.

Two people are designated as the ‘basket’ or ‘goalie’ as they are to hold the plastic bag open for the other team to attempt to hit the ball in.

Excellent for hand-eye coordination, team-building, and a bit of strategy, this is the perfect cheap game for a large group of children.

This unique game that requires plenty of concentration, team-work, and a bit of athleticism, starts with creating a turkey mascot.When the cue is given, their goal is to get to the finish line first, without dropping their mascot or having to unlink their arms.The best part about this game is that it can be played by anyone physically able to walk, including very young children, and even older adults.Instead, simple but creative ball games for kids can keep kids’ attention for longer periods of time.Fortunately, even if you only have one type of ball, games can be easily adapted to fit your ball’s shape.In order to play this game properly, you will preferably need a soccer ball, and at least ten clean 2-liter bottles filled with just enough water to keep them upright.