Once you know that name of your pattern you can go online and look up what pieces are available and the price for them.

A particular area of expertise for Lehman Brothers was the retail industry and the many deal books from major department stores and retailing enterprises reflect the growth of this investment trend in the twentieth century.

Researchers can browse the Lehman Brothers deal books by one of three points of access: the date of the deal, the company name at the time of the deal, or industry type.

This can make it difficult to identify William Rogers’ work. Co.," which identifies a piece made after 1865 by William Hazen Rogers and his son, William Henry Rogers.

However, Rogers used certain identifying marks at various times in his career that may assist in the effort. This manufacturer’s mark also was later used by the International Silver Co. Rogers and Son" name, which identifies a piece made by William Hazen and William Henry between about 18.

These lower-grade compounds are often less costly than silver plate but don't polish up as brightly.

The next step is to learn the meaning of the most common silver marks.

The deal books are a large and important component of the collection.

They range in date from 1925 to 1986, with the bulk dating from 1960 through 1979.

The prices are not current but the line drawings are invaluable.