NET Framework 4.5.2, and you can get it through Windows Update in most cases.However, if it's not showing in WU, you can always download it directly from Microsoft. id=42642 FYI, I can find no legitimate reference to a version 4.5.51209, is this a beta version? You may have to uninstall and re-install from the latest download.Or, alternatively, you may be looking in the wrong place to determine version number.

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All I need to do is manually check for updates using Windows Update in Control Panel every Patch Tuesday (second Tuesday of each month) as that is when Microsoft releases security patches.

The recent Patch Tuesday released 2 updates and 1 security update for Microsoft .

NET Framework 4 Client Project to its original state" and click Next. Instructions for this tedious task--which entails not one but two restarts--are provided on the Microsoft Support site.

Intui Face Composer and Player for Windows require use of the Microsoft . Version 4.5.2 of the Framework contains a bug affecting the ability of Intui Face to work with high performance touch displays.

Net v4.6 projects in VS2013, but it tells me that I do not have this installed on my computer. So I tried to download and install this , from here.

However, as soon as I fire up the installer, is says: .

So now I'm stuck, cause I can't load the project because I need to install something I can't install. You are missing the targeting pack, files in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Reference Assemblies.

They tell the compiler what types and methods are implemented in 4.6.

We recommend that customers apply Exchange Server 2016 Cumulative Update 2 or Exchange Server 2013 Cumulative Update 13 before upgrading . However, there's no rollback option if things go awry when upgrading from . IT pros would have to perform a reinstall, Microsoft's announcement warned.

There's an installation order, as well as some post-update patches to apply, when upgrading to . In addition, those who blocked it will have to remove the block.

Note that what you said you tried to download and install, that wouldn't, was the normal runtime, and as you already know you have this installed.