@ 2Wap World: I love 2wap and all the sites of gumslone i have,i have gumchat,-Chat Zone- i round all the sites bt still i love 2wap.org, it's my second home and im never gonna change it to all other sites @ 2Wap World: 2wap has the best fascilities over anyother site & i am saying this with proof! @ 2Wap World: To me 2wap is my space, a place i can go to 4 me time, 2 say hi 2 my buds from all over the world and i dont have 2 wait weeks 4 a letter a pm in just seconds. 2 learn bout others how they feel about stuff what we feel in S. This is my space, my world and my friends and i wont change it 4 da world. i went to so many sites but finaly i stuck here only.. Through fights and fun, Chatzone, for me has always been #1! Моя главная задача — чтобы Ваш праздник стал незабываемым.

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@ 2Wap World Blog: I used to be bored and alone, but thanks to Gum Slone, i now have fun with my phone.

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