Her work has appeared on The Washington Post, Fast Company, Business Insider, and Huffington Post.

Previously the design lead for Google Docs, she now focuses on writing and speaking on corporate and tech humor.

2016 is the perfect year to attend Disney Channel auditions as an actor.

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I moved to Atlanta, got my master’s degree and became a designer at an ad agency.

I was in love with my job and design but never forgot my acting dream.

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Her first book, Comedy Insider Podcast with Scott Dikkers (October 2016) Sarah Cooper on Hack the Process Podcast (October 2016) “Drawing on Experience” in Terp Magazine (October 2016) Nod more, and other absurd yet useful meeting tips from a former Google manager (September 2016) NTMY The Show Hosted by Tobias Van Schneider (September 2016) Super Woman Project: Episode 37: Sarah Cooper (September 2016) Radio New Zealand Interview with US Comedian Sarah Cooper (September 2016) “Comedic Writer Sarah Cooper on Leaving Google” on Unthinkable (May 2016) “Making a Career out of Rebelling Against the Status Quo” on Unmistakeable Creative (November 2015) I was born a small blackish child in Jamaica.

My mother is half German and my father is half Chinese, which is why I look Colombian. After failing to make chorus four years in a row, that meant acting.My family moved to Washington, DC when I was three. I was always on stage in high school, and received a theatre scholarship to the University of Maryland.As soon as I learned to talk I was correcting my parents’ accents and grammar. There, my parents discouraged getting a theatre degree and suggested business instead.I started taking classes, got an agent, and booked some commercials. in California and I put those dreams aside again, to move to San Francisco. My parents convinced me to move back home, which turned out to be back to Atlanta, where they had followed me.It quickly became my favorite city in the whole world. I started acting again, doing any small film, commercial, or extra job I could find.Last, but not least, Disney Channel owns Pixar, the #1 animated film production company in the country.