Valentine's Day (which is the correct term for the famous holiday).The first legend, (and the most commonly accepted) claims that St.

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Guys should do at least this with everyone they’ve met offline who they hope to date again.

But ladies, hold off if you’ve only been on one date, guys may interpret this as aggressive rather than sweet. Send a Woo-Worthy Treat Good vibes can come in your physical mailbox, too.

Enjoying an experience together will create a memory that will have a stronger impact on your heart’s hard drive.

Remember — the less pressure that exists with your matches, the more likely your budding relationships will continue moving forward unaffected.

Below are some casual options for handling the holiday. Give Digital Recognition Acknowledging Valentine’s Day with a text message or e Card is a great solution for a match you just met, or someone you’re still pretty casual with.

Digital appreciation lets your match know that he or she is on your mind, and you appreciate them.

And if you only send out one email at a time, waiting for a reply before you message someone else, you could be expecting the page to load with your click mate forever!