After becoming a victim myself and eventually seeking therapy, I couldn't trust anyone, not even myself.Can you imagine the feeling of not being able to trust yourself? To understand why, I would have to revert back to the crime itself along with some common misconceptions.He was even more furious after learning that her mom hadn’t believed she had been sexually assaulted.

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It is easy for a survivor to become overly dependent on friends once they learn that they can open up and trust again because it feels so amazing to finally be able to trust a person.

Sometimes being honest about being a survivor or even just being yourself ends up pushing the friends who cannot handle it away.

I wanted to go but the idea of crashing at her place along with some guy I didn't know terrified me. They still have to live life as they did before they had a physical handicap, but now they must find new ways to do the things that used to come naturally to them.

Even though he was a good friend of hers, someone she knew and trusted, I could not bring myself to trust. The friends and family I have both from my "real life" and those I've met online are the some of the most patient people in the world. Now there are extra obstacles they must surpass to live normally; permanent obstacles that will be a new layer upon the structure of what they used to consider their normal daily life.

Last weekend I was invited to an awesome concert by a good friend. My perception of life and everyday occurrences will never be normal. Like a person who has lost a limb in an accident, the damage has been done and nothing will ever bring that limb back.

It was an all-day music fest, and it would be just the two of us and one of her good guy friends. Now that the limb is gone, they are presented with more challenges.This is a problem many victims of sexual assault experience, and it often results in isolation from friends and family as well as a failure to forge new friendships and relationships.A lot of people have difficulties in relationships, but a person who has survived rape will have extra issues.Because she is such an understanding and kind person, she wasn't insulted when I told her why I was uncomfortable going. Over time, things do become easier, but they will never again be the same, and only the strongest people can be friends with and participate in relationships with a person who has experienced this type of emotional trauma.I sarcastically said that this article should be titled the "Lack of Relationships After Sexual Assault" because it takes an empathetic and patient person to be supportive and understanding to someone who has experienced that kind of trauma.For some reason, talking about what happened has opened whole new metaphorical can of worms.