) how important it is to have the support and encouragement of a veteran couple to walk alongside you!Read more Episode If you’re single and dating, what are the qualities you should be looking for in a future spouse?

The main thing that grits me is that my ex has always been pretty insensitive and I find this harder to take than the actual breakup. This friendship will create baggage for your (and his) next relationship. It doesn't work if one of them still is in love with the other one. Have any of you ever moved from a lovers relationship to a friends relationship? In fact, you're already alluded to this occurring in your post.

Like last weekend we were hanging out with old friends and he played a song for one of them that had personal meaning to me when we were married and when I deleted the song off of my ipod after the breakup I mentioned it to him, but the dummy still played that song. With two of my exes (that I broke up with) I felt it kinder to leave their lives totally and find a new set of friends to hang around with. I loved him for a very long time, and still care for him. So if you like the guy, then leave him the heck alone already.

Couples who are discussing whether to have a child can often experience concerns about the permanence of such a step, and it can cause questioning about the quality of their marriage.

Conversations with other couples who went through this transition, or with a coach or counselor, can be beneficial.

Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Our families are involved, so it is nearly impossible to just part ways. My last ex and I are sorta friends but he still entertains delusions of reconciling, even though I've told him I'm dating.

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Have any of you ever moved from a lovers relationship to a friends relationship? My ex and I get along about as well as it is possible for anyone to, but it's still weird. It's been three years since the breakup and he's still not dating anyone! I loved him for a very long time, and still care for him. There is absolutely nothing worse in the world than a person who has broken off a romantic relationship with you, but won't leave you alone.

We put so much pressure on engaged couples to feel joyous, that we don’t leave any room for the more difficult feelings to surface.” One of the values in marriage preparation education lies in its ability to help couples talk about this significant transition and build their confidence with new knowledge and skills.

Sheryl says the couple can “discuss the grief about letting go of being single, the fear of making a lifelong commitment, and the normal and healthy questions about love in a long-term relationship.” (Paul offers an excellent Conscious Weddings e Course: “From Anxiety to Serenity”) What about the transition into marriage?

When we experience any major change, especially transitioning to marriage or parenthood, we can feel as if our life is somewhat out of our control.

Discerning the emotions that are happening, sharing them with appropriate people, and understanding and accepting them, all allow us to move forward with confidence.

If the couple hasn’t dealt with their anxiety, and they go into the marriage with it unexpressed or addressed, how can this affect the stability of the marriage?