But when he found her — X-ray thin, mangy, unhappy — and led her over, she turned her back on the puppy. He grabbed helplessly for her teats as she backed away.A Spanish man volunteered that the perrito — the puppy — was probably under a week old and needed milk. I had forgotten that in Cuba milk is rationed, and only government-sanctioned restaurants and families with children may obtain it at local peso prices.: The Cubans, even if they safer from economic conditions, have never lost their passion for partying. Havana today is one of most enchanting cities in the world, vibrant, with sexy Havana girls and is filled by Salsa music.

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The social scene, starts to liven up by about 22.00 and clubs and bars tend to close when the last customer leaves.

: Two spots that absolutely cannot be missed outside Havana for clubbing, beautiful Havana girls and bar hopping the Cienfuegos and Trinidad.

This was why the lovely girls on the beach were sleeping with the foreign men old enough to be their daddies.

And while well-off Cubans did have dogs, as often as not they were an element of conspicuous consumption and had to be recognizable breeds.

Varadero is Cuba’s largest and most popular beach resort.

It lies on a twenty kilometers long peninsula with fantastic soft white beaches gleaming in the sunshine.

Everyone else has to pay in dollars, at prices approximating American supermarket prices.

This puts it out of the reach of most Cubans, whose official state salary is about a month.

The men were 40-ish but fending off gravity better than most American males, and they didn’t look bad in their bathing trunks.

The women were spectacular in their tangas, not an ounce of fat on their 20-year-old bodies. There was an adage around that you heard once you’d been in Cuba a few times, that the Italian men always went for the really black Cubanas.

Tropicana is located in Havana in the municipality of Marianao towards the west end. However, if you are looking for strip clubs or any adult video stores, forget it. Some travelers they have note that Havana girls are more beautiful from Brazilian girls.