As she smiled, she said that she hoped that the boys did not try to look down it as she hated when they did that. Michelle lamented, "I don't know what to say to him. I'm shy." Alexa suggested that she coach her best friend. " while an irritated Alexa responded that they were. When Simon began to say that he did not really like it, Alexa snapped at him to finish his lunch. When Simon attempted to interject, Alexa irritably told him to get to the point. They both loved the horror film High School Massacre and, when B. When Michelle asked Alexa if she was waiting for B. T., Alexa replied, "Maybe" in a tone of an excited tone of voice. Her offended best friend asked how she knew this and Alexa pointed out that she could not even talk to him. " As an annoyed Michelle left, an oblivious Alexa cheerfully told her that she would see her at the dance. exited the classroom, Alexa began to excitedly discuss the dance with him. Michelle and Simon then walked over to them with their arms around each other. Shortly afterwards, Simon and Alexa resumed their relationship while B. At the end of that episode she tells Simon that she will not change for him, but he obviously has no idea what that rant was about. Alexa and Simon go to the graduation dance together, and manage to escape the school, when the flammable containers in the basement explode. Alexa is upset when Simon starts getting a lot of attention from upperclassmen girls, because he is a model for the Dude Jeans company. She then told Michelle that she had to go as Simon was waiting for her. and she was "such a downer." Alexa pointed out that she would be a downer too if Simon cheated on her. Alexa said, "Sure" but Simon claimed that he was kinda broke after the previous night.

However, Michelle was not listening as she was too busy staring at B. Michelle did not think that it was a good idea but Alexa assured her that she knew all about boys. After she had finished eating, Alexa asked the other three if they had seen any good films lately. She then asked Michelle what she had thought of it and Michelle admitted that she did not like it very much. Michelle then said that they should start making their way back to Degrassi so they would not be late. Michelle then thanked her for all of her help, attempting to get rid of her. Michelle said that she was not going to the "dumb dance." When B. Outside of Degrassi, Simon offered to walk Michelle home as they lived in the same direction. Alexa gives the idea to Michelle about going out with B. She decides to break up with him, and he tells her that he only likes her, not any of those other fan girls. Alexa also helps Michelle deal with the fact that her parents are getting a divorce. Michelle commented that she had finally gotten a couple of days off work and asked whether Alexa wanted to do something that night. Shortly afterwards, Simon asked Alexa if Michelle had to come with them as she had been out with them "like a gazillion times" since breaking up with B. After some prompting, he denied that he would ever do so. His girlfriend coughed to get him to shut up but he continued speaking, telling Michelle that he had spent on food and on the Savages T-Shirt that he was wearing.

On their way to school the next day, Simon told Alexa that he and B. Michelle then walked past and Alexa said "hi" but she ignored her, to Alexa's disappointment. I miss that." Michelle smiled and admitted that she felt the same way.

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In the final scene of the movie, Alexa and Simon get married on October 19, 1992 and everyone is celebrating at their reception. • Bartholomew • Bronco • Caitlin • Christine • Raditch • Wheels • Diana • Dwayne • Erica • Heather • Joey • Karen • Kathleen • L.

Alexa and Simon return to Degrassi in August 2001 for their class reunion. • Bartholomew • Caitlin • Christine • Raditch • Wheels • Erica • Heather • Joey • Karen • Kathleen • L. • Liz • Lucy • Maya • Melanie • Michelle • Rick • Scooter • Shane • Simon • Stephanie • Susie • Voula • Yick Alex • Alexa • Archie • Arthur • B.

In The Great Race, she is clearly seen cheering for the boys during the swim race between the girls and the boys. As they were boarding the bus to Borden High School, Michelle walked away when she saw Alexa approaching.

In It's Late, Alexa professed to loving little babies and gushed over Voula Grivogiannis's newborn nephew Alexander Gregory. Alexa then told Simon that her mother had made baklava the previous night and, as it was his favorite, she invited him over to her house.

Clearly disappointed, Alexa revealed that Simon had invited her over for dinner and she could not ask him to rearrange it. Michelle asked about Simon and Alexa replied that she could go out with him any time and, in any event, he did not own her.

Michelle was very annoyed by this and replied, "Why did you even bother asking? " Her former best friend was crestfallen that they had not been able to settle their differences. were thinking about renting a limousine to take the three of them and Cindy to the semi-formal. Alexa then said, "You and me haven't had a good gossip in a long time...

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In Three's a Crowd, Alexa tells Michelle to ask Snake to the prom as well.

She goes with Simon, and at the end of the school year, she, along with the other students of Degrassi, learn that they will be transferring to other schools, when the district decides to shut the school down.

They are seen sitting together smiling, so they are clearly still happily married.