The fine should be considered robbery, but isn’t factored in the crime stats. A bastion of progressive leftyism, Seattle is a politically active city that frequently takes to the street in protest.Overall, Seattle is a fit and athletic city, but when the weather turns dreary locals take solace in some of the best ice cream and gelato in America—Molly Moon’s, Mora Iced Creamery, and D’Ambrosio to name a few. While it prides itself on its tolerance, that tolerance doesn’t extend to social conservatives who disagree. Seattle is enthusiastic about same-sex marriage and legalized marijuana, was the first major U. city to elect a woman as mayor, and went heavily for Obama in 2008 with 84% of the vote.In San Diego, trained killer wales do tricks for sardines in a large pool while people cheer.

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There are great organizations like Seattle Tilth to help you get started, or you can rely on CSAs like Local Roots to deliver locally grown fruits and veggies to your door.

Seattle provides ample opportunity for locals to let their geek flag fly, including Emerald City Comicon for comic book enthusiasts, Norwescon for literary sci-fi fans, Sakura-Con for fans of Japanese animation, Zom Bcon for those into the living dead, PAX Prime for gamers, Steam Con for the steampunk crowd, and plenty more.

True locals were once called “mossbacks” because they’d lived in the rainy Northwest so long moss grew on their backs.

That little joke is just a sampling of the legendary humor Seattle is famed for.

It doesn’t snow much, but when it does the city comes to a screeching halt because nobody can drive in it.

Unlike the soft powder that is packed down into a drivable surface in Chicago, Seattle’s snow tends to be wet and quickly turns to ice so the whole city turns into a skating rink.

If more than ten percent of the volume of your trash is made up of recyclables your garbage will not be picked up by sanitation workers.

The first two times you do that you’ll receive a written warning and after that you’ll receive a fine.

Kids growing up on farms often dream of moving to the big city, but it might actually be the opposite in Seattle.