She'll figure out you like feet soon enough."If you touch my feet I will not be responsible for what happens to your face"I actually kicked my ex in the face (pure reaction, not a conscious effort! So a man's foot fetish can put a woman off, thus such, maybe many, women don't want to pursue a relationship with a man with such a fetish.

) because he grabbed my foot and leaned in to kiss it. Depends on if you are using the word "fetish" in the dictionary/DSM IV definition as a "must have all the time in order to acheive arousal and gratification" way, or the more commonly used "I kind of like this thing" kind of way. This kind of leads to think you're using in the former way, something you like kind of way.

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He would never ever be in doubt what to buy her for birthday or Christmas gifts..she could pretty much get away with buying as many shoes as she pleases. what she said...however atleast you dont have a doo doo fetish so guess foot fetish anit so bad may want to lift you age restriction from 25 you might find some older women who would be more into that certain thing..also a nice short cleaned up hair cut wouldnt hurt either...

Does lusting after a great pair of feet make you feel horny?uhhhhh Cowboy Do the math, and reveal your lil' hobby up front so that some chica who wants you to dry hump her instep won't be heading for the hills like her hair is on fire. I can't wear high heels because of a weakness in my ankles.You will never, ever be able to sneak up on people with these things with your stunning personality first. Kissing or sucking on my toes or instep during foreplay is no biggie. If its just a little kissing and foot love during sex I would probably not mention it. I'd be ok with that as long as it was inside a shed or something. In other words, while the OP might wonder where the problem is for a woman should a guy have a foot fetish, it isn't as though men with foot fetishes are happy just seeing women's feet; they want the feet dressed up in ways that don't always suit the woman.You will witness horny teenage sons seducing their own mothers and fucking their sweet cunts right in front of the camera!Incest sex is far more common that youd think so join True Motherfuckers now and see if you someone you know is featured inside!Basically, I have a foot fetish, and I never usually tend to bring it up until 2nd or 3rd date, when things get a bit more flirty.